NHL Jerseys Are The Backbone For The Fan

NHL jerseys are the cornerstone/staple for every fan. They can become expensive, and at times, a risky obsession if it is not clear what to look for. I say this because there are a lot of places that promote fake stuff.  Take a look at the article about the six ways to spot counterfeits so that you can tell if it’s an official NHL jersey.

There are four main Reebok options/styles that will be covered and how they differ.  They are authentic, premier, replica and practice.  They all have their own place for the fan depending on what you want and feel comfortable wearing.  So here we go and enjoy looking at the jerseys from one of our merchants, FansEdge.

Reebok EDGE Authentic 

Authentic NHL jerseys are the same ones the players wear or wore when they played and also are the biggest investment but well worth it.  They are made out of a performance fabric.  It’s a 250-gram double knit polyester/spandex four-way stretch pique.  The spandex allows breathability and stretch for a snugger fit.  There is also a fight strap sewn on the back that attaches to the players pants.  They are then treated with a Bead Away water repellant.

There is one more thing to look at.  The name and numbering.  The name, number, and logo are twill sewn.  The Reebok name or logo is stitched on the back with the NHL logo sewn onto the front of the collar.  Then the RBK/NHL label is sewn inside and below the collar line.

NHL jerseys has Patrick Roy Authentic JerseySizing for the authentic:

  • 46 – Small/Medium
  • 50 – Large
  • 52 – XL
  • 54 – XXL
  • 56 – XXXL
  • 60 – XXXXL

If the Reebok EDGE authentic is your choice you will be getting the real deal.  These will take longer to get because they are a special order item and are difficult to find.

Premier NHL Jerseys

If you are looking for something more budget friendly and easier to find then the premier is the right choice for you. These are what you see a lot of fans wear. They are designed to duplicate the look of the EDGE.

They are an athletic cut made with modified fabrics inspired by the authentic.  It’s a 175-gram polyester pique two-way stretch core.  The difference between the premier and EDGE besides the fabric is that the name and number are a screen print.  Team logo, RBK/NHL label, Reebok name or logo and the NHL logo are the same as the Reebok authentic.

Sidney Crosby Away JerseySizing for the premier:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

It is shown on the RBK/NHL label on the outside of the jersey.

Replica Jerseys

Replica NHL jerseys come with the traditional design and logo of your favorite team.  The description will say Classic Replica or Replica and they are also made by Reebok.  These are mostly found in youth and kids sizes but will still show they are a true fan.

 Edmonton Oilers Kids

Reebok Practice 

If you are just looking for a simple jersey to show your team support then the practice jersey is perfect for you.  They are a replica of the on-ice jerseys worn by the players at practice.  They are constructed with a mid-weight Ultrafil 100% polyester fabric.  The RBK/NHL label is only on the inside back below the collar line.  The Reebok logo is stitched on the back and left chest and the NHL logo on the front collar.  The Reebok practice jersey uses standard sizing.

Reebok New Jersey Devils Practice Official NHL Jerseys

More Jersey Options

The jerseys page is one of the most important pages at Hockey Fan Apparel.  Why?  The jersey is generally viewed and desired by fans as the most coveted item to have.  It is a staple.  What do you see NHL fans wear more of than any other apparel item?  Correct. The jersey. I found this video interesting. It’s from the Reebok jersey factory.

Some teams may give a search by player option. The customized lets you pick your own name and number.  We also carry a handful of the legends jerseys.

Wearing an NHL jersey is not just for men.  There are specific searches for women and kids (replica) also.  We have ensured that young adults and kids can have the same look and excitement from their jersey as the adults.

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