2016 NHL Stadium Series Jerseys

Here we are. Another season has passed and we are approaching February again. This means it’s time to unveil the 2016 NHL Stadium Series jerseys. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel the teams and the league do a pretty good job with these. So with that being said I will cover the four teams playing this year. They are Chicago, Colorado, Detroit, and Minnesota.

 Chicago Blackhawks

These are pretty cool looking. They will be wearing white sweaters with 4 stars on the collar that represent the cities flag. The player number will be on the shoulder and the secondary logo on the arm. This is the opposite of how most of the regular jerseys are. Oh, and yes, the best logo in sports will be shown proudly on the chest as always.

Chicago Blackhawks 2016 stadium series jersey

Minnesota Wild 2016 NHL Stadium Series Jersey

The Wild will host the Blackhawks on February 21st at TCF Bank Stadium. There really isn’t anything different with the look from what they usually wear. One tribute they do show is wearing the state hockey logo on the shoulder. That is a nice gesture for their first outdoor game. The main color for their jersey is a forest green.

Minnesota Wild Stadium Jersey

The Detroit Red Wings Jersey

I don’t know what anyone else thinks but I can’t get enough of the Original Six aura. Detroit really nailed these in my opinion. They are in the classic red and white with the “D” across the chest. Simple but very classy looking. They say Red Wings in white on the left collar and EST. 1926 on the inside back collar. This represents the year they joined the NHL. To get a better look at all the jerseys head over to FansEdge.

Detroit Red Wings

Colorado Avalanche

The Av’s will host the Red Wings at Coors Field in the second stadium series game on February 27th. I have mixed feelings about these sweaters. The “C” logo on the chest reminds me of the Colorado Rockies from the mid 70’s to the early 80’s. I feel they should have included the triangle mountain shape with the logo to represent that era. The 5280 on the left collar is pretty cool representing the mile high city. All in all not too bad, though.

Colorado Avalanche Stadium Series Jersey

What Do You Think?

My thought is the Hawks and Wings did a great job of keeping their original look. The Wild and Av’s did an okay job. All four teams did pay tribute to the cities in a very nice way with their 2016 NHL Stadium Series jerseys for this annual event.

Both games should be interesting as always because you never know what mother nature will have in store on game day. All fan gear for the events can be seen at Fanatics. If you want more information about Reebok’s four jersey styles then head over to the NHL jerseys page at Hockey Fan Apparel. Feel free to leave any comments below and remember to bookmark us for future reference.


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Get the latest posts as soon as they're published and look awesome for the game.