Andy and Stanley CupHello, and welcome to Hockey Fan Apparel.  My name is Andy, and as you can probably guess, am a huge hockey fan. This site is about me and this passion of mine.

My obsession for the game started at a young age.  When I was around 5 years old I wanted to start learning and playing.  My mom wanted me to try speed skating because that is what she did.  So one day my dad agreed to take my brother and me to look at speed skating stuff. Fast forward to later in the day and guess what we came home with.  My mom was not very amused but she went along with it.  Thank God.

As we got older and improved our skills my mom really got into it.  Needless to say after 15+ years of playing she was happy and proud of how hockey made us the people we are today.

It truly is the greatest game ever.

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