Best Custom Golf Headcovers to Make Your Friends Jealous

custom golf headcovers

Do you want to enhance your look on the course this summer? Get some custom golf headcovers and start turning heads. They won’t help you score better, but they will definitely be noticed and you will be asked about the new look.

The game of golf has been around forever and has gone through many changes and technological advances. There have been club improvements and course redesigns.

The golf bag is now covered with sponsors, and that has included headcovers for woods and putters. They started as knit covers to protect the wood finish from the elements and over time have become more than that. Some have the club manufacturer name and logo on them, and others are more personalized to suit your style.

This brings us to where we are today. Players can get custom golf headcovers for just about anything they want. There company logo, a favorite college, and even a favorite sport’s team logo. Enter the game of hockey and the stylish way to protect your golf club investment. Today we will cover:

  • The history of headcovers
  • Protection they provide
  • Custom headcovers
  • NHL golf headcovers
  • What people are saying
  • Best Place to Get Them

knit custom golf headcovers

The History of Headcovers

As the story goes, the first know headcovers were made by Jan Craig in the early 1960’s. She was a fan of golf and loved to play all the time. Another hobby of hers was knitting. Read the full history of Jan Craig and how the headcovers started.

She saw a need for this style and protection when she bought a new set of clubs and wanted to protect the woods from the wet elements. From that point, she decided to knit headcovers for her own set. First, they were popular with friends and then something incredible happened.

In the mid 60’s a young Jack Nicklaus saw these creations by Jan and as the saying goes, ‘the rest is history.’ The orders started coming in, and a trend was born. Fashionable and protective golf club headcovers were born.

 Why Protect Your Clubs?

Woods were first made from a persimmon tree that was fruit bearing. Because it is a hard wood, it became popular for recreational devices. One being golf clubs. Even though they got treated with laminate, the wet conditions that occur while golfing were still a threat. That’s where Jan Craig came into the picture.

Over time, the persimmon woods started to lose popularity because of steel heads invented by Taylor Made in the late 70’s. As time has moved on and technology has evolved the metals used for woods now can be titanium, carbon fiber, and scandium.

Professionals and more serious players are more in tune to being able to notice the slightest nick or ding to one of these clubs. Little damages like this are very noticeable in the clubs performance.

The shaft on these clubs is now mostly made of graphite for ideal performance and distance. With these technological advancements came an increase in price.

get a custom golf headcover for this taylor made driver

As with the woods in the bag for distance, the shorter the club, the putter became more advanced and more expensive as well. These were manufactured out of higher grade materials other than steel.

The metals became softer for a better feel meaning they could get damaged easier. We have all heard the famous saying, ‘drive for show and putt for dough.’ The need grew, and the opportunity arose to protect and promote with a putter cover.

Because of the functionality and fashion created by Jan Craig, headcovers have now become more than just something used to protect your pricey investment from weather and getting banged up or scratched, they are a medium for promotion as well.

 Custom Golf Headcovers Make Their Appearance

When TaylorMade and Ping started coming out with woods made from steel and graphite they would also provide headcovers that donned their name and logo.

These made it easy for people to know what you were using as well as showing off the product name with more prominence.

tiger headcover for golf clubsThis headcover style became such a craze that other companies, schools, and just about anything you can imagine saw the potential to brand their name. I would say that one of the biggest contributors to this was Tiger Woods and the famous tiger’s head.

Every golf bag now sports these to show off school pride, represent a company or brand, or just show their personality.

 NHL Golf Headcovers with Team Logo

It is a well know fact that hockey players love to golf. The game grows in popularity every year. Why not show support for your favorite team while enjoying one of your favorite summertime activities.

Well, now you can. NHL logos are now available for your headcovers. These are a great addition to dressing up the look of your bag as well as giving your buddies a hard time if they like a different team. (Hint): Aggravate a friend with something from their most hated team. This St. Louis Blues 3 pack contour set should do the trick.

St.Louis Blues NHL 3 pack contour headcovers

They aren’t just to make a statement; they also protect your valuable investment. You can get them for your putter, hybrid, oversized driver, and the other woods you may carry in your bag.

The contour headcovers come as a set of 3. They are made out of buffalo vinyl and synthetic suede like materials and numbered 1, 3, and X. The #1 fits all oversized drivers and the team logo is embroidered in three places as shown above.

 What Others Have Said About NHL 3 Pack Contour Headcovers

  • These were better quality then I had initially expected. The only thing I would change is the numbering to one of those scrolls but other then that this is a great product. Was as advertised and on time.
  • I love it they look great and a good quality too.
  • I bought these for my husband for Christmas and he absolutely loves them. They look exactly as pictured and they are well cushioned and fit his clubs nicely. I would definitely recommend them for any Blackhawks fan.

 Best Place to Get Your Very Own

I found that Amazon has the best pricing and selection. Once you are there, you can search by team and also look at more reviews about these NHL headcovers. The prices do differ a bit depending on team choice. With an excellent price point, great reviews, and the Amazon name for shipment, this would be an excellent addition for any hockey fan that loves to golf.

Dress up your golf bag to fit your particular style. Protect your woods, hybrids, or putter. Make this summer on the links enjoyable and while showing support for your favorite team.

Add to your overall appearance by wearing a hat to match your new custom golf headcovers.

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