3 Tips to Buy a NHL Jersey Made Easy

You’re in the market and want to buy a NHL jersey. Not sure what to do, but you know you want what is considered the holy grail of fan support.  The jersey has always been the biggest apparel staple for any sport. For you it is hockey. More importantly the NHL. We will cover what I consider 3 of the biggest things to take into account with a purchase like this. Let’s get started.

Step #1: Who Is Your Favorite Team?

This is the best point to start. After you decide that the rest of step 1 is easy. You like the home colors. Okay, the dark jersey is for you. This is for you so you want your name and favorite number instead of a particular player. These are classified as customized jerseys.

A question mark for buy a nhl jersey.Now decide what size to get. Depending on how and where the order is made sizing charts should always be available. I will get into this a little later. You are off to a good start, so what is next you ask?

Step #2: How Much Do You Want To Invest?

Money.  It always seems to come into play. The good news is Reebok, who is currently the manufacturer for the NHL jersey, has a few different styles to fit any budget.  You can also be assured that no matter what you decide on you will still look great.

The four main styles they offer are EDGE, Premier, Replica, and Practice. For a better understanding of these options, the information on our NHL jerseys page will help you out.

Here is some help on sizing and jersey options as well. She says she is 5’5″, 115 lbs and usually wears a size 2-4 in dress sizes if that helps.

Step #3: The Purchase

Patrik Berglund St. Louis Blues Buy a NHL Jersey.One word. Research. Do your research on who you intend to buy from. There are too many shady and fly by the night scammers out there. It’s been all over the news lately about counterfeiters. You see ads for stuff on social media that say one thing but then you get the jersey (or if you get the jersey at all) and it is not even close to what was promoted.

This doesn’t have to a scary endeavor if these 3 things are taken into account. Decide what you want, know what you want to spend, do some research and enjoy your purchase.

My recommendation for the best place to buy a NHL jersey is FansEdge. Their information can be found on the link in step #2. They are Officially Licensed partners with NHL, have an awesome selection, are priced very well and offer a 365-day money-back guarantee.

If there is something particular you look for when making a purchase feel free to leave us a comment below.


Get the latest posts as soon as they're published and look awesome for the game.



Get the latest posts as soon as they're published and look awesome for the game.