Is A Cheap NHL Jersey Worth It?

When you hear cheap NHL jersey what comes to mind? Less quality? Not as good? Not real? Fake? Less expensive? All are normal thoughts. Are they bad? That is all in the eye of the owner. My opinion is that they do have a place and that is all determined by a number of different factors.

My concern stems from places that are in it for a quick buck and then you can’t find them again. The other is when you see comments from people complaining about what they received or didn’t receive. When you are looking for said product there really is no gray area. They either come from a less reputable supplier or a place that deals with officially licensed products

How Do You Choose?

I mentioned earlier that depends on a number of different factors. What is the jersey for, what do you want to spend, what is your financial position? These are all important to consider when making a purchase like this.

Something that is officially licensed will most likely be $160.00ish more or less. How can I be sure of what I am getting? That is actually a good question and a valid concern. Price is usually a pretty good starting point. I also did a post earlier this year with an article on how to spot counterfeit jerseys.  That should clear some things up, so if you have time give that a look.

Dallas Star's for cheap NHL jerseyConcerns With A Cheap NHL Jersey

My concern isn’t with a less expensive product.  It is the people that take advantage of someone that is spending their hard earned money on a product. There is nothing wrong with giving other options for a product but don’t use this as an opportunity to rip people off. You see it all the time.

These companies are no longer around or when you search the internet for them the web address is not found.  My personal favorite is the people that set up shop outside a sporting event and then get busted for selling counterfeit products. Shame on them for intentionally doing this to someone.

Do Your Research

If something looks to good to be true… know the rest. Check up on companies that have “Cheap NHL Jersey” are their sole marketing slogan before you do make a purchase. Be extra careful of vendors outside a venue. Is this going to be a special item only worn on game days or is it for everyday wear and tear?

Most importantly it has to be something you are comfortable with. Be careful and if you haven’t checked out the post mentioned above please do so.


When possible buy your gear from an officially licensed partner. We have an awesome merchant for this, Fanatics. We work with them for a couple of reasons.

They have an incredible selection of NHL apparel and merchandise, a 365-day return policy and are officially licensed partners with the NHL. If this route is not an option, no worries, just research properly. There are decent suppliers out there.

Keep cheering on your favorite team with pride.  As long as you do what you feel comfortable with you can’t go wrong either way.  Is a cheap NHL jersey worth it? They absolutely are and serve their purpose. Showing fan pride for your team is the most important thing!


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Get the latest posts as soon as they're published and look awesome for the game.