Hockey Onesie Pajamas for Adults Are New and Awesome

We all wore them as little kids. Get your pajamas on, brush your teeth, and get ready for bed. Does this sound familiar? The fussing and complaining that ensued. Fast forward to present time. There are now hockey onesie pajamas for adults. Sure, adults have always worn pajamas but they have typically been pretty standard and….you see the picture. Not anymore.

There are now ones that cater to your favorite sports team. And some of the options are very cool. That’s right, they have been transformed. If this is a style you want more information about check out our partners page and visit Fanatics or FansEdge. If not, we will be going over the coolest ones I have ever seen. Hockey team onesies. Let’s dig into this some more and make sure to check out the video below.

Theme Based Pajamas

We have all seen these. They have had ones for Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Ya, they are fun and all but are usually only worn on that day or occasion. I wanna wear elf pajamas or I want to look like Tony the Tiger. Fun yes, but a once a year thing. Surely this can be improved on. It was.

The Blue SnuggieThe Start of the Snuggie

These started as a full body throw over that were promoted as everyday lounge apparel. A good idea at the time but you knew there were going to be improvements on the way. The snuggie kind of reminds me of how the Zubaz’s cycle went.

The big feature with the Snuggie was the arms. Keep them covered and warm and still be able to flip through a book or use the TV remote.

Snuggie Pajamas

Tailored more after the standard one piece, these really hit the national stage with the Chicago Cubs all wearing them after Jake Arrieta tossed a no-hitter against the Dodgers near the end of the 2015 season. Just the typical Halloween themed style. I’ve seen some sport team onesies but they are the same old same old. Team colors, team name, and colors. And then I saw these…….

Hockey Onesies for Adults

When I first saw these adult onesie pajamas I thought, jackpot. These are awesome. They actually look like the team uniforms. They are in the team colors, the upper looks like a jersey, they have the pants, and even the socks look great. The whole onesie zips up the front and even has a hood.

Sizing is as follows:

Amazon Sizing Chart

Some manufacturing info:

  • The NHL Onesies are made from premium microfiber fleece with an embroidered twill logo on the front. They have an elastic ribbed cuff at both the ankles and wrists.
  • A full body suit with a hoodie, pockets and a back door “five hole trapper” flap, these onesies are the must have fan apparel.
  • Machine wash cold water.Tumble dry low. No Bleach.

These are made by Hockey Sockey and constructed in North America. Here’s a little video showing you how the package comes and what they look like. The video is about 11 minutes long and very informative on what to expect when they arrive. Enjoy.

My Thought On Getting Hockey Onesie Pajamas for Adults

All though it is tough to find these onesie pajamas for adults in all the teams, I would recommend Amazon for a couple of reasons. They are a name that everyone knows in the on-line retail industry, the selection is good, and the prices for these onesies are right.

As always if you have questions or comments feel free to leave them below. Thanks.


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