How to Dress for a Hockey Game

Ever wonder how to dress for a hockey game? You and your friends have big plans for the end of the month and you’re all going to a hockey game. The excitement and nervousness fill you because you have never been.

It’s your first game. So you ponder, you think, and hope that it can’t actually be that difficult to figure what to wear?

You think to yourself, I’ve seen other games on TV and recall seeing jerseys, hats, t-shirts, jackets, and other theme based apparel. That is a great start, so what I am going to do is cover what I feel are the 3 essentials.

Keep in mind all 3 are not needed at the same time and this information is relevant for men, women, and kids. Ready?

#1: T-Shirts are Ultra Versatile

A how to dress for a hockey game Womens T-ShirtThe t-shirt is great on so many levels. It can be worn as the main piece, over a long sleeve shirt, or as an undergarment.

They can be found for every team and come in an array of styles. The best part is that a majority of them are priced at a low to medium range. The toughest part of this will be deciding what to get. Think about what you feel you would look best in and go with it.

#2: Who Doesn’t Like a Hat?

Hats are one of those things that some people seem to be dead set on one way or the other. For me, I wear a hat whenever I can.

This is one of those things that you probably see at a sporting event more than anything else. There are so many options so you can always find something that suits you. And yes, even you ladies. Wear one if possible.

Plus, if there is a hat trick, you then have something to throw on the ice depending on how much your hat cost you.

Youu always find hats in a hat trick photo.

#3: The Jersey

Dallas Stars NHL JerseyThis is not a must simply because of the prices officially licensed jerseys fetch nowadays. They are very common to be seen at games, and depending on how much of a fan you are, there are plenty of options with a smaller price tag.

And yes, the less expensive ones are more than acceptable if you are worried about the whole image thing. Don’t fret over this piece as it is definitely not a must have.

Deciding How to Dress for a Hockey Game is Real Easy

As you can see there are 3 basics that will do just fine for this event. Wear 1 item or 3 it really doesn’t matter. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy your time at the game.

Side Note: A sweatshirt is a good option as well.

Remember, this isn’t a fashion show, so if you opt for no fan apparel that is perfectly fine too.


I hope this helped you in deciding what to wear to a hockey game, and if this is your first game, I would recommend what Amazon has to offer. You can find anything for this event no matter the look you are going for or the budget you have set. Have a look here: Buy From Amazon Button Small
I hope this helps with the question of how to dress for a hockey game. As always, any and all comments are appreciated below and if you want to get all the new posts feel free to sign up as well. Thanks.


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