How to Wash a Hockey Jersey Made Easy

Knowing or remembering how to wash a hockey jersey probably isn’t something you think about on a daily basis. So, I put together this easy guide for you to follow if it is ever needed. You don’t need the old school washing board.

Let’s set the scene. You’re out and about or at the game and then it happens. That’s right, you spill whatever it is all over your new jersey. Now this isn’t a t-shirt or a pair of shorts you can just toss in the wash when you get home. Nor is it an article of clothing you want to leave dirty for too long.

It is somewhere between a $200 pair of jeans and a women’s nite time wear. Both need to be laundered more carefully and the good news is that washing your jersey uses techniques from both.

What’s All The Fuss About You Ask

If your jersey isn’t washed properly it can lead to fading and shrinking. Another problem you could encounter is the stitching coming undone and the patches getting mangled. 

Neither of these is good because we all know how much of an investment an officially licensed jersey can be. And you obviously want to keep it looking new for as long as you can. You need a few things and to follow a few guidelines and you should be good to go.

Necessary Tools For The Job

  • Bottle of WooliteWashing machine or a sink.
  • Woolite or color-safe-detergent.
  • A hanger or clothes drying rack.
  • A dry area.
  • Some extra time.

That’s it? That’s all I need you ask. Yes. That’s basically it. I feel anything more would be overdoing it. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?

And for you single guys that have heard of Woolite but are not entirely sure where to find it, here’s some help about what it is actually used for. Walmart, K-Mart, and Target should all have it.

First Step: Getting You Jersey Ready

If you have the luxury of  a washing machine that’s great. If not, the sink is just as good but will require a little extra effort on your part. You have to pretend to be the washing machine. It’s really not that bad.

Just remember to always turn your jersey inside out to protect the patches, name, and number. This also helps prevent fading of the team’s identity or color scheme.

Second Step: Let’s Get Washing

Set the washing machine to the gentlest cycle you have. This helps keep the jersey soft. Now get the water going, COLD WATER ONLY, to help keep your jersey from shrinking.

Finally, add your Woolite or color-safe-detergent and wait. You would do the same with the sink except your hands are the washing machine. SIDE NOTE: Wash your jersey by itself. It likes to be alone for this.

Final Step: Let It Dry

It’s now time for the last to tools. Something for hanging and a dry area. A hanger will work just fine, but if you want to make sure you don’t those goofy shoulder bumps, a clothes’ drying rack or a flat counter with a towel under the jersey will do the trick.

Once it is dried, hang it in the closet or store it in a dry place. That’s it. That wasn’t so bad, was it? Just a little extra care like you would use on those expensive jeans or a woman’s delicate attire.

What Not To Do!Clothes Iron

  • Never put your jersey in the dryer, EVER!
  • No bleach.
  • Do not put an iron near it.
  • No hanging it outside to dry in the sun. Nobody likes a faded jersey.
  • If at all possible, do not dry clean it. Take the little bit of extra time.

Knowing How to Was a Hockey Jersey Will Save You Money

You have put out allot of money to show team support so be kind to your jersey and it will be around and stay in good shape for a long time. I hope this bit of information helped you out.

If you have been thinking about getting a really nice officially licensed jersey than hang out with us a little longer if you can. Also, any other tips or tricks on how to wash a hockey jersey that you have used before, feel free to share them below in the comments section.


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