NHL Team Hats: An Awesome Sign of Team Support

There are a bunch of manufacturers and designers of NHL team hats to choose from. I will cover a few of the most common but that is by no means all that we offer.  Popular brands include New Era, Reebok, ’47 Brand, Zephyr and Old Time Hockey.

Styles you can expect to find at are adjustable, fitted, flex fit, knit, snap back and much more. Hats have been a common attraction at sporting events forever. They are an affordable way to show team support. Let’s get started.

New Era Hats

When I think of team sports and hats New Era always seems to be at the top of the list.  All New Era NHL hockey hats are made from the finest materials and built to last.  The selections range from fitted, adjustable, flex fit and also knit for the cold seasons.

They all come in a variety of colors schemes as well as men’s, women’s and kids sizes.  You can be sure to find what you are looking for with an NHL New Era hat.  The hat shown below is a Boston Bruins adjustable with a velcro strap.

Boston Bruins New Era Hat

Knit Hats by Reebok 

The perfect compliment to go with your Reebok team jersey is the NHL Reebok knit hat.  Just like the New Era brand, these can also be found in a variety of styles and color schemes.  They too are available in men’s, women’s, and kids sizes.  Classic looks and designed to last.

NHL Team Hats has Reebok Vancouver Canucks Face-Off Cuffless Knit Hats.

’47 Brand

You don’t see them as often as the above mentioned.  If you are looking for a great NHL hat then the ’47 Brand will do just fine.  Fitted, adjustable, knit and visor (probably the biggest selection) are some of the most common styles you will find but generally have less of a selection.  Made to last at a little bit better price point these are also constructed to last.  The hat shown below is a Los Angeles Kings ’47 Brand Armory Camo Knit Hat Black.

Get your Los Angeles Kings '47 Brand Armory Digi Camo Knit Hat Black at NHL Team Hats.

Zephyr NHL Team Hats

These are easy to spot because they have a “Z” stitched into the left side of the hat.  These come in home and away colors with a classic look.  These can also be found in a camouflage color pattern as well.  Just like all the brands above some teams may not offer all the same styles and selection.

New York Rangers Zephyr Breakaway Flex Hat at NHL Team Hats.

Show Team Support With NHL Hats

Are you looking for a gift, yourself, kids or just something new for the game tonight?  Here you will find a vast selection of brands and styles.  Search by team, men’s, women’s, youth and toddler.

Whether you are looking for that upgrade, want to stay warm in the winter with a beanie hat, or want to protect your kids from the sun, you can be sure to find it here.  Give the NHL team hats page at FansEdge a look and you won’t be disappointed. If you enjoyed your time here please bookmark us for future reference.


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Get the latest posts as soon as they're published and look awesome for the game.